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    REK GROUP STAFFING The REK Group is New York's Premier Staffing Firm Specializing in the.

    The part time instructor facilitates meaningful learning of the course competencies in the.

    J. C. Penney Company • Saginaw, MI

    Merchandise Flow & Placement: work to maintain stock levels and presentation standards for.

    American Eagle Outfitters - Fashion Industry • New York, NY

    The Overnight Merchandising Associate is responsible for positively impacting the customers.

    EDMC • Virginia Beach, VA

    The part time instructor facilitates meaningful learning of the course competencies in the.

    Georgia Southern University • Statesboro, GA

    Assistant Professor, Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design-Search #67565College of.

    Saks Fifth Avenue - Fashion Industry • New York, NY

    Store Merchandising Associate -Women's FAC Asst. Saks Fifth Avenue Role Mandate: Processing.

    JCPenny • Charlottesville, VA

    Well. being a Merchandise Supervisor at JCPenney might be the for you! . Skill and.

    Solomon Page • New York, NY

    Our client is looking for a Freelance Fashion Site Merchandising Manager in NYC! .

    American Eagle Outfitters - Fashion Industry • New York, NY

    The Overnight Merchandising Associate is responsible for positively impacting the customers.

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This question is often used as an ice-breaker and should give the scholarship committee a better idea of who you are as an individual. They want to know what sets you apart from the other scholarship candidates, so don’t waste this opportunity by rehashing your résumé or transcript. Focus on something that distinguishes you from the other applicants or something that that they cannot find by reading your application. For example, you may be pursuing an engineering degree, but in your free time you create cartoons just for fun. Perhaps, you have a Tumblr page filled with crazy food concoctions that were created to illustrate engineering problems, or maybe you are the direct descendant of the person who invented indoor plumbing. The idea is to find something that sets you apart from the other applicants, whether that’s a talent or a strange genealogical fact, and let your enthusiasm shine through.

2. “Give us an example of a time you overcame adversity”

3. “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

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I have to admit that this was my least favorite question during scholarship interviews, but it always came up. And to be quite honest, there really is no perfect answer. There are, however, some things you should definitely not include in your response. Don’t brag about your GPA or how many clubs you belong to at school. The majority of finalists will all have similar academic accomplishments, so it’s not worth repeating. It’s also not a good idea to declare that without the scholarship you’ll be unable to attend college. In most cases, that will be untrue. Yes, you may be unable to afford your dream college, but I assure you that there are other less expensive alternatives to earning your degree. Instead, be honest with the committee and acknowledge that there are other worthy candidates that probably deserve the award as much as you do, but remind them that your work ethic and past accomplishments are a good indicator of your future success.

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So we made it official and moved in together!

In addition to scholarships, you now have access to colleges, internships, careers, and a whole lot more — all with your same login.

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15 Yoga Poses with Powerful Benefits for Singers Videos

15 Yoga Poses with Powerful Benefits for Singers Videos

15 Yoga Poses With Powerful Benefits for Singers

You know how important breath support is for great singing — but are you regularly incorporating breathing exercises for singing into your warm-ups? Read on as voice teacher Shannen R. shares 15 yoga poses to try out, designed to help with various elements of your singing…

Get ready to free your vocal cords of strain, increase your breath capacity, and get the strength you need for powerful belts and the control for soft tones. Going beyond simple breathing exercises for singing, the following yoga poses free your neck, shoulders, and spinal muscles of tension. Your breath and sound will move freely, and your core muscles will grow stronger so you can manipulate your voice.

Get 200+ live online singing classes for FREE from TakeLessons!

15 Yoga Poses and Breathing Exercises to Try

Benefit: Strengthens your breath support for belting and long notes

People tend to breathe shallow and in one favorite cavity of the body. Learning to use all cavities of the body will give you enough breath for belting and for long, held notes. Start either lying flat on your back or propped up with two yoga blocks, one block at the highest level and the second block at the medium height.

Benefit: Guides you to use your full breath capacity

While the Three-Part Breath teaches you how to breathe into all your front body cavities, now we’re going to explore our back body cavities to use your ultimate breath capacity. Start seated with your legs crossed and your feet flexed.

Benefit: Another breathing exercise for singing, this enhances your ability to hold belts

The hardest area of the body to breathe into is the upper back. To find breath here, we will practice eagle arms. This will also give you the ability to hold belts and soft, unwavering tones.

Benefit: Activates your core and clears your sinuses

In yoga we practice breathing techniques called pranayama. Kapalabhati breath, translated from Sanskrit to “breath of fire,” will activate your core and clear your sinuses to give you beautiful, open notes instead of nasal and strained notes. Repeat this for 5-15 continuous rounds.

Benefit: Supports evenness of breath

To hold long notes and maintain the correct pitch with an unwavering tone, your breath must be even. Ujjayi breath, another pranayama technique in yoga, is the practice of finding evenness of breath. Repeat for 5-15 rounds.

Benefit: Relaxes your muscles to reduce vocal strain

A lot of times when your voice strains to reach a note, your vocal cords are being pulled by tight muscles in your neck, shoulders, and back. To release these muscles, practice this easy restorative twist on a yoga bolster, a few stacked pillows, or stiff folded blankets. You may hold this twist for up to five minutes.

Benefit: Relaxes the neck muscles to reduce strain.

Another way to stretch out the muscles in your neck is with seated neck stretches. These stretches will target the back and the sides of the neck, and can be practiced multiple times throughout a day.

8. Self Massage: Neck Massage Tool

Benefit: Another relaxation exercise for neck muscles

One of my favorite neck massage tools is from Daiso, the most adorable Japanese store you’ll ever find. For this exercise you’ll need a towel and the neck massage tool, which can be purchased here or at your local Daiso store.

9. Self Massage: Neck Massage With Tennis Balls

Benefit: Another exercise for relaxing neck muscles

If you don’t want to buy the Daiso neck massager, you can use tennis balls to relax your neck, which will help you avoid strain and increase your vocal range.

10. Self Massage: Back Massage

Benefit: Relaxes the muscles in your spine

If your spine is tense, EVERYTHING goes wrong. This is because your spine is connected to your brain and is in charge of relaying messages to your body. If there is any tension in the spine, it can cause blocks in the message pathways, and result in excess anxiety and other mental obstacles. Spinal tension can also cause postural problems, which limit your breathing and create muscle tension.

In the video below you’ll learn how to massage your whole spine with two tennis balls. Don’t be alarmed if it feels very tender the first time. Give light pressure and do not practice it for too long. The more you maintain a self-massage practice, the more comfort you will find.

11. Self Massage: Shoulder Massage

Benefit: Relaxes your shoulders, which can affect your neck, throat, and vocal cords

The shoulders can be a tough place to get! Nail those shoulder knots that are pulling on your neck, throat, and vocal cords with this massage.

Benefit: Relaxes your spine, creates better breath capacity

Roll up a big fluffy towel and get ready for the cheapest and best spinal reliever of your life! Space in the spine will create more space for your breath to travel, giving you more breath capacity when singing.

Benefit: Relaxes your muscles to reduce vocal strain

The key to singing is good posture — I’m sure you’ve heard this a billion times. Tadasana, or mountain pose, teaches you how to stand correctly and builds the muscles needed to avoid hunching the shoulders forward or arching the back so the ribs puff out. Correct posture will help you avoid straining your voice, and encourages evenness of breath to create controlled sound and power for belts.

Benefit: Lengthens the spine and leads to greater power and control when singing

A variation of the ever-so-famous downward facing dog, this pose will lengthen your spine, creating space in between each vertebrae, and is another great way to open up the shoulders. Space in the spine equals space for breath, which leads to more power and control when singing.

15. Back Release and Shoulder Opener

Benefit: Relaxes your spine, shoulders, and neck, and leads to a fuller vocal range

This forward fold and shoulder opener combo will have your spine, shoulders, and neck melting with relief! This pose will relax all of your throat muscles and vocal cords so you can access a full vocal range.

If you have any questions or if any of these stretching and breathing exercises hurt, make sure to check with a qualified teacher. Feel free to contact me through TakeLessons for additional help!

Shannen Roberts is a yoga instructor, singer, pianist and keyboardist, singer and songwriter, and founder of self-help site The Strange is Beautiful. She teaches in Valencia, CA, as well as online. Learn more about Shannen here!

Interested in Private Lessons?

Search thousands of teachers for local and live, online lessons. Sign up for convenient, affordable private lessons today!

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These are amazing! Ive been doing yoga to improve my breath control for a few years, and all of these will be a good addition to my practice.

Hey Suzy, Nice Videos, Thanks for sharing the videos. It is really so beneficial for me..



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